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With Your New Breast Surgery…

You Can Be In Proportion And Feel A New Level Of Self Esteem And Confidence
You Will Love Your New Breasts And The
New Found Feminine Self Confidence You Will Have

Now You Can Be The Self Confident And Sexy Woman You Know You Are

  • Ready to feel alive?
  • Ready for a rush of confidence, a surge of self esteem?
  • Ready to look better than you have in years and feel better about yourself than you can remember?
  • Ready for perfect proportion, the perfect look? Ready to turn heads?
  • Ready to be a new woman?

If you answered yes to any of the above, review the breast procedures performed by Dr. Vu.

Now you can wear the greatest clothes, the briefest of swimwear, and feel perfect and look your best in whatever you choose.

Low necklines, T-Shirts, the lacy blouse you’ve been longing to wear.
Now, you can be the new you.

Plastic Surgery Breast Procedures Available To You

Breast Augmentation

Are age and gravity catching up to you? Ready to be daring and reclaim your youth? Ready for sexy new bras and an eye catching, head turning extravaganza as you walk down the street? Ready to be noticed again for the woman you are? If so, then breast augmentation may be just what the doctor ordered.

Learn more about Portland Breast Augmentation by Dr. Vu.

Breast Lift

Do you have droopy nipple or volume loss? Now you can enjoy a more youthful breast contour and achieve harmony with more aesthetically beautiful breasts. Enjoy perfect proportion, pert nipples and perfect volume with Breast Lift Procedures by Dr. Vu.

Learn more about Portland Breast Lift by Dr. Vu.

Breast Reduction

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort or embarrassment because your breasts are too large? Unfortunately, large breasts bring problems of their own. Clothes not fitting right, bras impossible to find or expensive to buy, not to mention the embarrassment and outright pain you can feel from the additional and unproportional weight. Now your life can be normal again, and you can feel and look like a million dollars.

Learn more about Portland Breast Reduction by Dr. Vu.

Breast Reconstruction

Have you been disfigured from Cancer or a Mastectomy? Now you can be normal again. Now you can again enjoy your femininity and put an embarrassing and painful situation behind you.

Learn more about Portland Breast Reconstruction by Dr. Vu.

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