Plastic Surgery Financing, Portland, OR

Now Almost Everyone Can Get Financing For Plastic
Surgery Procedures Provided By Dr. Kim-Chi Vu

We know how important it is for you to be able to afford your plastic surgery.

We also know that some elective procedures not covered by insurance can be expensive and a financial burden for some.

Towards that end, we have done everything possible to ensure you can still receive the lasting benefits of your chosen plastic surgery procedure while enjoying the flexibility to pay for it as you choose.

In the event you want to explore special plastic surgery financing, we work with two different companies that specialize in financing your elective plastic surgery procedure, so it won’t financially burden you.

Now you have options.

You can choose a convenient monthly payment plan within your budget so you can have your plastic surgery and yet be in control of your pocketbook.

Please review the following information from our selected financing company. You can apply directly from the below images.

After reviewing, please call our office. We can help you choose the right company, help you get the best rate, and help you expedite the process as we have helped so many others before you.

Call our office today for the plastic surgery financial assistance you need.

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